Do you want to invest in housing in Madrid? Do you know all the legal processes and costs and taxes? Do you know in which neighbourhood of Madrid and at what price? Do you know what makes an investment attractive? Could you calculate the profitability as well as the renovation cost?

There are many questions surrounded by different scenarios and with many professionals associated at each stage: real estate agents, lawyers, architects, tax advisers, decorators, government officials, etc. At SingularHouse we unify everything in a single professional to solve all your doubts so that the step towards investment is carried out with all the guarantees and scenarios considered beforehand.


We analyze all the properties in the real estate market to be able to select the best options according to your profile, at the same time we negotiate the final purchase price in order to obtain the highest possible return on investment. We only have one client and that is you.



We calculate all the expenses associated with the deal:
• Taxes
• Duty
• Refurbishment
• Associated costs
Based on these parameters, we elaborate a detailed profitability study according to your preferences.




We propose the operation from every possible scenario:
• Tourist rental
• Refurbishment and sale
• Traditional rental
• Off-plan purchase.
• Monthly rental
• Events rental
• Swaps




We cover all the stages of the asset:
• Search
• Financing
• Negotiation
• Public deed
• Licenses
• Refurbishment
• Management
• Sale